Everyday Mysticism: Part I

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Exploring the Mystical Advantage of Unity

Mysticism isn’t as farfetched as you think.  Although it often seems shrouded in ancient rituals that are reserved for the initiated, symbols of mysticism surround every one of us, every day.  We often think of mystical experiences as being otherworldly and not related to everyday life, when in fact, they actually define our daily lives. Continue Reading


Everyday Mysticism: Part III

From the category Five Minute Articles For Your Consideration

From Duality to Creativity: The Mystical Advantage of Creativity

This is the third and final part in the Everyday Mysticism series.  In Part One of Everyday Mysticism, we discussed Unity as a representation of the Whole.  Part Two then explored how unity gives way to polarities, creating a unique transference of energy between polar extremes.  And finally, in Part Three, we will explore the mystical advantage of Creativity. Continue Reading


Can You Be Too Attached To Your Child?

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My sister had a favorite blanket that she carried around with her until she was eleven years old.  It was her “shmata,” a Yiddish word meaning “worn out security blanket.”  She didn’t actually carry it around, but she was always aware of its location, and at night she slept with it on her bed.  One day my parents hid it from her and made her think that they had finally disposed of it.  My sister was inconsolable at the news that her blanket was gone.  She was so inconsolable, in fact, that my parents miraculously “recovered” it for her.  Continue Reading


Circles of Confusion

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Escher is famous for sketches that warp our perception of space, continuity and progress. The people in Eschers’ sketching, Ascending and Descending, appear to be walking endlessly around a rooftop, going simultaneously up and down the stairs and getting nowhere.  It is a sentiment we sometimes share when our drive for personal growth has us going in circles.  Continue Reading


Five Ways To Promote Marital Health and Harmony

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Every marriage completes something in us and omits something we need.  The sense of completion is what draws us to each other while the familiar void of the omission is what we fuss about.  For instance, if we come from a large loving family we may feel a sense of completion when we marry someone who is kind and wants a family too.  Yet, if we were personally overlooked because individual needs were sacrificed for the sake of the larger group, we may feel the familiar edginess of not being taken into consideration when our spouse suddenly announces “we’re going to Spain on our next vacation”.  Continue Reading


Just Say You’re Sorry!

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Currently, 36 states have passed “I’m Sorry” legislation preventing physician’s expression of compassion or sympathy for medical errors to be used against them by a patient in litigation.  According to the AMA, 25 percent of medical malpractice suits are the result of patients feeling intentionally misled or dismissed by their physician following a medical procedure that did not go well.  Continue Reading


5 Reasons Why the George Zimmerman Trial is Important to You!

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In 1964, Canadian scholar Marshall McLuhan proclaimed, “the medium is the message.”  He was not referring to the enormous influence “the medium” exerts on society, but rather the “unintended consequences” that innovation brings to society.  Over time, the unintended effects of the medium can become so great it determines how people perceive events to a much larger degree than the content warrants.  The medium can be anything that takes innovation to the next level including, in this case, the media.  Continue Reading