Mysticism and Modern Life

Mysticism and Modern LifeBased on his integration of psychology and spirituality, Larry shows the reader how to achieve higher levels of personal development in Mysticism and Modern Life: Ancient Wisdom for Personal Growth.

Mysticism and Modern Life is a compelling examination of the relationship between mysticism and human development. In clear and practical terms, Larry provides a framework for applying ancient principles to reach higher levels of personal development and interpersonal relationships, leading to the ultimate stage–the emergence of the true self.

He reveals how mysticism is inherent in everyday existence, connecting ordinary actions to extraordinary events. With the discovery that the entire universe manifests itself in the smallest personal act, we are drawn into a deeper reverence for life.

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Movie Credits

Angel Death
Participant and consultant in production and post-production for David Begelman’s film “Angel Death”. Narrated by Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.
Aired internationally
September 1979.

Angel Dust
Participant and consultant in production and post-production for Chuck Witner’s film “Angel Dust.”
Aired nationally
March 1980.