Everyday Mysticism: Part III

Everyday Mysticism: Part III

From Duality to Creativity: The Mystical Advantage of Creativity

This is the third and final part in the Everyday Mysticism series.  In Part One of Everyday Mysticism, we discussed Unity as a representation of the Whole.  Part Two then explored how unity gives way to polarities, creating a unique transference of energy between polar extremes.  And finally, in Part Three, we will explore the mystical advantage of Creativity.

The Mystical Perspective

Once Unity divides into two parts, we find ourselves with inherent polarities.  Unity itself is not interactive – it is whole.  Polarities, on the other hand, are interactive since they exchange energy that ultimately defines each distinct pole.  For instance, we can only know positive relative to negative, rich relative to poor, right relative to wrong, and up relative to down.  Furthermore, the exchange of energy also produces an interactive field where opinions and ideas occur.  Just think of an electromagnetic field that exists through the conduction of energy between its positive and negative poles as an example of field creation through polar interaction.

In numerology, wholeness is represented by the number 1 because of its unity.  Polarities are represented by the number 2 because of their duality.  Creativity is represented by the number 3 because of its interactive qualities.  These three numbers, or aspects, always work together; 1 + 2 always = 3.  The mathematical symbol of creativity is the triangle because it exclusively has three sides.  Pythagoras, the ancient sage, immortalized the power of the triangle in his Theorem which showed that the sum of the square of two sides of a right triangle always equals the square of the hypotenuse.  Again, 1+2=3.  Without getting any more esoteric I am going to continue with more a practical example that can be related to everyday life.

The Physical Perspective

In practical terms, when two people get together and have a child they are creating a third entity.  The child then forms a triangle with the two parents, known in psychology as triangulation.  The triangle is the first building block of the family.  Parents hold the notion of creativity on two distinct levels; sexual and interactive.  Sexual energy is the most creative force on the planet, whether animal or human, because it creates life.  Coming from the opposite but complementary poles of the egg and sperm, sexual interaction unites these polarities into a new singularity, the ovum.  The outcome from this interaction of opposites is the creation of a new life. Thus, the child becomes the living symbol of the unification of opposites; 3=2+1.  There is a powerful mystical correlation here; individuality (the number 1) attracting opposite energies (the number 2), creating another entity from its own likeness that contains the polarities of the parents within itself (the number 3).  You might think of it more clearly if you relate it to genetics.  The genetics of two separate and individual people unite to form a third person containing genetic material from both parents.  Consequently, sex and interaction are manifestations of creativity, as is any outcome from an interaction.

The Mystical Advantage

Mysticism is not mysterious; it’s hiding in plain sight.  My goal in this three part series was to expose mysticism to the reader so the interconnection between the mystical and the mundane could be seen.  Numbers, symbols, and outcomes are all part of mysticism and part of everyday life as well.  I focused on the first three numbers, 1, 2, and 3, since they work as a unit and constitute the beginning of physical and mystical manifestation.  In the above example, we are individuals (one, separate, unique) who join together in relationships (attracted through opposites, exchanging contrasting and contradicting energy while trying to achieve balance) and creating a likeness of ourselves in a child (triangulation, manifestation, creation, cause and effect).  Generally speaking, the exchange of energy between two contrasting poles resulting in manifestation or creation of any kind is the driving force of human life and is found in mysticism and everyday life on all levels.  It’s the energy field between the poles that produces our creative ideas, relationship attractions, family interactions, and personal thoughts and inspirations.  The next time you reflect upon any outcome of your actions you are affirming the mystical advantage of creativity.

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  1. Patrece says:

    Keep going, Larry. You capture your experience and knowledge in Part I, Part II, and Part III as living proof that what we need to know is definitely hidden in plain sight. Thank you!

  2. Karin Brock says:

    well…and then what? You leave me wanting more!!! Thanks!

    • Larry says:

      Thanks Karin,
      I’m thinking about writing a prequel. I wonder what comes before “the beginning”?

  3. Pamala says:

    Wouldn’t that be 1+1=1 ? (Mom + Dad = Child) Or 3+2=1 ? (Creativity + Duality = Unity)

    You have given me (us) quite the ponderable.

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