March 2014

Everyday Mysticism: Part II

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From Unity to Duality: The Mystical Advantage of Polarities

In Part One of Everyday Mysticism we talked about Unity as representative of the Whole.  However, in order for the Whole to perceive itself it must become the focus of its own inquiry.  In doing so it becomes both a subject and an object, or a polarity. The focus of Part II is on the mystical advantage of polarities. Continue Reading

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Why Marriages Fail

From the category Five Minute Articles For Your Consideration

Jim and Jenny have been married for seven years.  Their marriage is failing.  The spark that was there at the beginning no longer exists.  They no longer take the time to talk to each other with curiosity and interest.  They no longer hunger for each other sexually.  Jim has become preoccupied with his career and Jenny feels she’s stuck at home with two kids.  I could go on, but you get the picture.  So, wouldn’t you be interested to know that their marriage isn’t failing at all.  It’s just changing and maturing in ways they did not anticipate.  Continue Reading